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December 2005

We started by making artisanal prototypes in plastic, because the pedagogic flutes which were at that time available from the usual manufacturers didn’t produce a good sound, and we thought some improvement in sound quality was surely possible.

March 2006

Our plastic flutes were very much appreciated by the young students, and we decided to develop an original pedagogic flute in aluminium.

April 2006

The well-known Belgian flutist and professor Gerard Noack was so impressed by the quality and design of our pedagogic flute, that he wrote an initiation manual for the beginning students: “The Coulon-Duffy flute: an introduction to the German flute”, which is a creative approach to learn to play the instrument. 




May 2006

Bizidee is a competition for innovative industrial design, which is organised every year by the Flemish government. ( The pedagogic flute Coulon-Duffy has obtained the 2nd price and a reward of 10.000 Euro. The jury was especially charmed by the fact that for the development of this new product, overall quality and customer requirements were the main issues. 

August 2006 

We founded our own company: 
Coulon-Duffy Original Flutes.

September 2006 

Commercial launch of our first product: The Pedagogic Flute


April 2007

Realisation of our website: