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New Coulon-Duffy flute:

Fife with keys: the keys are welded now !

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Edition N°04 Available now !

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NEW: The pedagogic flute with keys

Concert Quartz:
A small extraction of the concert played by the 'Ensemble Quartz' on 8 mars 2008 in Brussels.
This music has been composed by Pierre Coulon especially for this occasion.
The flutists Gérard Noack and Pierre Coulon are playing on Coulon-Duffy pedagogic fifes.

Teaching method witn the Coulon-Duffy pedagogic flute:
This Coulon-Duffy fife is really the advised instrument for the young students starting with their music education.

The smooth sound of the Coulon-Duffy irisch flute:
Played by Pierre Coulon

 Real Irish Folk / Irish flute + Bazuki:

 Traditional fife:

 American fife:

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