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New Coulon-Duffy flute:

Fife with keys: the keys are welded now !

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Edition N°04 Available now !

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Information is vital ...

Because we want to inform our customers continuously, we are publishing a periodic newsletter ‘Coulon-Duffy NEWS’, which you can also download on this site. If you want to sign-in on our mailing list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

But of coarse, we won't wait for another edition of the 'Coulon-Duffy NEWS' to communicate you some important issues. You can find the  'headlines' on the left of each page, and the details can be red in the 'Latest news'.

Customer’s appreciation is for us the most important input. It allows us to improve our products and to serve the client beter.
And for potential buyers it can also be very interesting to see and hear what customers think about the product they bought, and what they experience when playing on our flutes, so we are sharing these 'Customers reactions' with you.
If you want to give us your own evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would appreciate it very much.