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New Coulon-Duffy flute:

Fife with keys: the keys are welded now !

Coulon-Duffy NEWS

Edition N°04 Available now !

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Pedagogic fife:

Small melody pipe used by children prior to studying grande flute or piccolo.
The range -more than two octave - goes from low D  (one octave above the low D on
the grande flute) or low C to high E; experienced players may reach a G or even an A in the
third octave. The cylinder shape gives the instrument a magnificent tone appreciated
by many great flute players. An anodisation treatment which is guaranteed
non-toxic makes the instrument scratch-free, insensible to humidity, and almost
   Evaluation of Emmanuel Pahud 

This instrument is really indispensable for the music education of young children starting already from 7 years.


Specifications:   Double body ( F / F# ) / Without keys / Non transpositional

Application:       Plays in the keys C major, D minor, G major, D major

Material:            Anodised Aluminium                                          Commercial Presentation 

Sales prices:
(without expedition cost)

   38 €

  Pedagogic fife with body F natural and low C - Box in transparant PP  -  Weight = 102 g
  Ordercode:  CD011

       38 €

  Pedagogic fife with body F# - Box in transparant PP  -  Weight = 102 g
  Ordercode:  CD012


  Pedagogic fife with 2 body's: F natural (and low C )  + F# - Boxes in transparant PP  -  Weight = 151 g
  Ordercode:  CD013

   52 €    

  Pedagogic fife with 2 body's: F natural ( and low C ) + F#   -  Student box  -  Flute cleaner  -  Weight = 198 g
  Ordercode:  CD014

  " All-in starter-box for the perfect flute student"           See Movie
  Whats in it::                                                                                                                                                                              111 €      
  - Pedagogic fife with 2 body's: F natural + F#   -  Student box  -  Flute cleaner                                  
  - Study book Gérard Noack: "Le fifre Coulon-Duffy: introduction à la flûte traversière"
  - Mouthpiece flute in blue PE
  - Study book Gérard Noack: "L'embouchure est une flûte"
  - Music book
  - CD: "Au gré de la flûte"                                                                                                                                         Ordercode:  CD018

Study books:

   Studybook Gérard Noack: 

   " Introduction à la flûte traversière: Le fifre Coulon-Duffy "

     Creative approach to the study of the instrument
     Editions Filimbi - 64 pages

  15,30 €    Ordercode:  CD015




          17 €       Bestelcode:  CD016



     QUARTZIADE:  Tea Time
      1.      Slavonic Dance Opus 46 N°8       Dvorak/F.Gabler
      2.      Tambourin                                   F.J.Gossec
      3.      Passepied de la Poule Noire        Anonyme/I.Procureur
      4.      Fandango                                    L.Boccherini/G.Noack
      5.      Hungarian Rhapsody Op.385       W.Popp
      6-8.   Trio                                              M.Dring
      9.      Moment Musical D780 N°3          F.Schubert/L.Baudewyn
    10.      Wiener Kreuzer Polka                  J.Strauss/G.Noack
    11.      Manou                                         L.Adam
               Realised with a Coulon-Duffy pedagogic fife !
    12.      Irish Tune                                    Anonyme/R.Nakagawa
    13.      Nocturn                                        V.Petrov/L.Baudewyn
    14-18. Five Easy Dances                         D.Agay

16 €           Code de commande:  CD017