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New Coulon-Duffy flute:

Fife with keys: the keys are welded now !

Coulon-Duffy NEWS

Edition N°04 Available now !

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Traditional fife:

Derived from the pedagogic fifer. Plays one tone lower. The sound is clear and powerfull over 2 and a half octaves. The acoustic qualities are due to his cylindrical form like the Boehm flute, and to the shape and correct dimensions of the mouthpiece and the holes. The flute can be used in the most hostile conditions without suffering. The anodisation treatment makes it  indestructable, scratch-free and resistant to humidity.
Very useful flute to accompany other instrulments like for example clarinets,
and for playing traditional music.


Specifications :

Transpositional instrument in B flat without key

Application :

Plays easily in the keys C major and F major

Material :

Anodised aluminium

Weight :


Sales price :

38 € (  without expedition cost)                 Ordercode:  CD020